An Aeolian Cassock is a Robe-class armor that appears in Golden Sun: The Lost Age and Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.

Basic Description by Game Edit

The Aeolian Cassock increases the wearer's base defense by 46, and it increases Jupiter power by 15 and Jupiter resistance by 50. It can be bought for 11400 coins and sold for 8550.

In The Lost Age, it is obtained as a rare drop from Wyverns in Jupiter Lighthouse in The Lost Age. In Dark Dawn, the Aeolian Cassock is now a singular Artifact obtained from a treasure chest at Apollo Ascent. The player must first use Crush to clear the path in the second screen of the Apollo Ascent, then cross the gaps with Grip. One way leads to a ledge with another boulder where this treasure chest is hidden. Being a Robe, it can be equipped by JennaIvanShebaMiaKarisRiefAmiti, and Himi.

Analysis Edit

The Lost Age Edit

It is widely considered an inferior version of the Feathered Robe, which has 20 Jupiter power, 30 Jupiter Resistance, and most notably of all, 30 Agility, all of which contribute to that item being one of the best items in either game. While the Cassock's 15 Jupiter Power is only somewhat lower and could still suffice as a boost to Jupiter Power for an Adept like Sheba, and the much-enhanced Jupiter Resistance is of a notably high value, the fact it does not have any of the Feathered Robe's powerful Agility boost makes the Robe far superior to the Cassock in this case. The Feathered Robe can be dropped earlier, too.

Dark Dawn Edit

The Aeolian Cassock could be considered the more practical, if weaker, choice in comparison to the Feathered Robe. It is much more easy to access than the Feathered Robe, which is a rare drop, as Dark Dawn'Random Number Generator cannot be abused like it was in previous games. The increase to Jupiter Power is extremely useful for any mage-style Adept that focuses on Jupiter-based offenses, such as Djinn, Summons, or Unleashes. The high increase the Jupiter Resistance can be useful as well, as the final boss, as well as several bonus bosses, such as the Star Magician and Dullahan each have powerful Jupiter-based Attacks.

Cultural references Edit

Aeolus was the god of wind in Greek mythology, which explains its ties to the Jupiter element. The Aeolians were a race of Greek people allegedly descended from the Greek god Aeolus.

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