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Amiti (ハルマーニ Harumani) is a playable Adept in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. He is the prince of a Water Kingdom named Ayuthay. He bears a complicated destiny because his birth is mysterious, and he is described as wise. Throughout much of his life, Amiti was led to believe he was the product of a virgin birth, and inherited his Adept skills from his now deceased mother. However, it is revealed Amiti's mother was not an Adept, and in fact Amiti has an Adept father who was an unidentified water Adept. This has lead to the idea that Amiti is the son of Piers or Alex. Later in Dark Dawn, Tret reveals that Amiti (like Rief) is related in some manner to Mia, which would seem to support the theory that Amiti is the son of Alex.

This theory is further supported when you talk to an NPC beside Emperor Unan's throne in Tonfon after saving Hou Ju and Ryu Kou. The NPC says "Didn't you come to see Emperor Unan earlier? Why aren't you wearing your mask this time?". Talking to other NPCs reveals that Alex had come in directly before you, implying that the NPC mistook Amiti for Alex. If you use Spirit Sense on Amiti after defeating the final boss, you will find that he has a strange feeling about Alex.

As a Playable CharacterEdit

He is chosen by the Insight Glass to learn Insight. He will then join the party at level 14. He has the highest agility out of all four water adepts (past and present. Slightly faster than Rief who is a clone of Mia's stats). He has moderate statistics compared to all his other fellow adepts but high HP for a mage adept.

Amiti's Aqua Squire class series features a psynergy pool heavily similar to that of Piers' Mariner class. He is a bit more combat-oriented than his cousin, and has more variety of options in combat to use than other mage-style adepts. Such increased options make him a bit more durable than Rief, who is more psynergy-oriented and has fewer options. The addition of the Diamond Dust series and the Cool Psynergy series, which were first introduced by Piers in The Lost Age, are exclusive to Amiti in Dark Dawn, making him a rather effective mage.


Since he belongs to the royal family of Ayuthay, Amiti is a very cordial person. Having been raised inside the walls of Ayuthay for all his life, Amiti is a little bit clueless about the world's culture outside. He continues displaying a careful and royal-like personality throughout the whole game. This is further evidenced when the party visits Kolima Forest, where Amiti quickly pays his respects and bows to Laurel when first meeting her with the party (his companions, and even Laurel herself, tells him to stop, but he objects saying that they should pay their respects to the holy tree). His benevolent nature is made fun of should the player wander in the forest and find another tree with a man's face sticking out from a hole inside, which Amiti doesn't give a second thought and bows cordially. Amiti also seems to dislike pirates, especially Eoleo and Briggs.


  • When Amiti is in Kolima Forest, Tret said that Amiti was a relative of Mia, making him a descendant of the Mercury Clan.
  • Similarly, if Amiti is mind read during the brief time that you control Sveta in the Apollo Sanctum, Amiti will reveal that, in this time of great distress, he can't help but turn his mind to Alex. Combined with other information in game and the fact that Nintendo has confirmed Alex as the father of Amiti on a family tree [1], it appears to be essentially canon that Alex is Amiti's father.
  • Amiti doesn't get along with Eoleo very much. Once, Eoleo made fun of his Ayuthay heritage, commenting that he had never seen an Ayuthay wearing real clothes before, embarrassing Amiti.

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