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Ancient Devil is an optional "superboss" enemy hidden deep within the basement of Otka Island.

This boss is hard to find due to Otka Island's basement level being complex, and on top of that, unmapped.

Ancient Devil is a difficult boss because of his abilities.

  • Demon Sign: This ability allows the Ancient Devil to take control of one of the player's Adepts. If the Ancient Devil is felled, so is this Adept. If the Adept is felled, it will rejoin the party. The Ancient Devil can only take control of one Adept at a time.
    • While under the Ancient Devil's control, the adept is often ordered to attack, occasionally use psynergy, and is capable of using your summons against you.
  • Haures: Like Dullahan, the Ancient Devil can summon, and is able to freely use Haures against the party.
  • Dire Inferno
  • Undead Might
  • Curse
  • Psy Drain

He can also use your Djinn on stand by to summon any summon that you have.

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