The Ankohl Ruins, which heavily feature puzzles involving the Sand Psynergy, are one of a scarce few remnants of the Ankohl civilisation.

Ankohl is the name of an ancient, all but dead civilization, of which Obaba is the last known descendent.


The games give little to no specific information on the subject. Although the Ankohl Ruins are located east of Champa and hold a piece of the Trident of Ankohl, they themselves do not hold any further information. Essentially, most information about the Ankohl is fan speculation, and many believe that a future instalment of the series may give some information about it. Along with the Ruins and Obaba's forge, it is possible that the Tundaria Tower and the Shrine of the Sea God are also connected to the Ankhol because these two places both contain a piece of the Trident of Ankohl which is used to break Poseidon's forcefield. It is also possible that Eoleo, who unlocked his Psynergy powers after being hit by a falling Psynergy Stone (in much the same way as Feizhi had her powers unlocked in Golden Sun), inherited the powers of Ankohl, although arriving at this conclusion involves quite a bit of speculation.

It is widely believed that the Ankohl was a Venus-based civilization, as the Ankohl Ruins heavily featured Venus-based puzzles.


  • In Champa, prior to the Trident of Ankohl's reforging:
Champan: You've the look of a traveler about you... Have you been to Ankohl Ruins? (If Felix says yes) Only those who have mastered the powers of the earth can enter the ruins.

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