This musical incantation has no sheet music—each of the six parts is given by a master musician to one apprentice.

When played, the music mesmerizes any non-Adept who hears it. It also will open the secret entrance to the Belinsk ruins. This song is used in Dark Dawn to both call for Sveta (who can talk to them through telepathy as long as the Arangoa Prelude is playing), and open the ruins. At a certain point, most of the musicians in Belinks leave and must be tracked down via progressing the story. These band members are in Port Rago, Kolima and the Border town. Sveta tells you that once you have recovered the Roc Feather, you can summon her by asking the local band to play this. In addition, there are several other (useless) songs you can ask the band to play, depending how many of them are there.

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