An Assassin Blade is a Light Blade found in Golden Sun. It is one of the prizes that can be won in the Lucky Medal Fountain in Tolbi. It can be bought for 7800 coins and sold for 5850 coins. Being a Light Blade, it can be equipped by Isaac, Felix, Garet, Jenna, Ivan, and Piers. It increases the wielder's attack by 90.

The Assassin Blade's Unleash attack is Mortal Danger. Mortal Danger is a physical attack that adds 28 damage points, and then modifies the resulting damage by how the user's Venus power compares to the target's Venus resistance. Also, it has a small chance to instantly kill a target, an undeniably powerful effect. Visually, Mortal Danger resembles a normal strike with an image of the Grim Reaper behind the attacker, much like the Condemn Psynergy.

The Assassin Blade is the strongest weapon that can be won at the fountain (although its being a Light Blade doesn't help matters for Mia, and one may wish to consider that its unleashed power is Venus-based), and its instant kill effect makes it perhaps the most desirable prize from the Tolbi Spring. It is also the strongest weapon for when it can be obtained. Stronger weapons don't appear until Lunpa, and the Assassin Blade may be used even afterwards considering Mortal Danger's extra effect. Bosses in the original Golden Sun can be struck down in one shot. This includes Deadbeard located on Crosbone Isle. The instant-kill rate is also directly proportional to the Venus power on the equipped character.

When the Assassin Blade's extra effect occurs, the enemy will turn entirely white upon death (rather than the usual greyscale), and the words "[enemy]'s spirit was drained" will appear. However, a small glitch can occur if the enemy is felled by Mortal Danger due to damage (and not the instant-
Mortal Danger

Mortal Danger as it appears in Dark Dawn.

kill) in that the enemy's image will still show up as completely white despite the KO (and associated text) being entirely normal.

In Dark Dawn, it is found in Belinsk, in the library, after solving a simple bookcase-moving puzzle.

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