The Aura Gloves are Gloves found throughout the Golden Sun series.

Basic Description by Game Edit

The Aura Gloves increase the wearer's defense by 36. Also, they can be used in battle to emulate the Ward Psynergy and boost the elemental resistance of an ally by 40; they can be used again to increase resistance by a total of 80. They can be bought for 6500 coins and sold for 4875 coins. If broken, they can be sold for 3250 coins or repaired for 1625 coins.

In the first two games, they are occasionally dropped by Magicores, found in the Suhalla Desert in Golden Sun and in Tundaria Tower and the first half of the Islet Cave in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. In both cases, the chance to obtain the Aura Gloves can be increases by felling the Magicores with an offensive Mercury Djinni. In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, a single pair can be found in a treasure chest at Talon Peak. Being Gloves, they can be equipped by all Adepts.

Analysis Edit

In general, the Aura Gloves aren't the most practical equipment in any game. Although the ability for any Adept to boost elemental resistance may be seen as an advantage by some, it is worth remembering that it only affects one Adept; as a result, the effect will most likely not be used in the heat of battle.

Thus, in each game, the only remaining advantage of the Aura Gloves is that, in terms of defense points, they are the strongest armwear available at the point that they can first be obtained. However, due to its lackluster secondary effect, it will most likely be replaced as soon as stronger equipment becomes available, which is fairly soon for Golden Sun and The Lost Age. In Dark Dawn, they will see slightly longer use. The Aura Gloves are the strongest armwear available in Morgal, with stronger equipment being unavailable until the player gains access to the ship.

RNG Method (Golden Sun) Edit

In Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age, the chances of gaining the Aura Gloves as a rare drop can be increases to nearly 100% by performing certain actions to manipulate the game's Random Number Generator. One such method, to be used in Golden Sun, is detailed below.

Save in the Suhalla Desert near its southeast exit, turn the game off and back on, then exit and enter the desert seven times each. The first battle should be against a Vile Dirge and a Magicore.
Ivan cast Plasma
Isaac cast Gaia
Mia cast Wish
Garet cast Eruption, with all Psynergy aimed at the Magicore - the Vile Dirge should be felled.

Next turn, have everyone defend while Mia uses Mercury Djinni Sleet on the Magicore, and you should get the Aura Gloves. If Sleet does not gain you the gloves, Hail works as well

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