Barai Temple (バライ神殿, Barai Temple) is a dungeon in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. This temple is initially submerged within the Barai Pond at Ayuthay. When the Alchemy Well has been temporarily reversed, the water will recede and the temple can be entered. Deep within is the Insight Glass that will choose someone from Ayuthay to learn Insight. The interior of the temple, particularly the entrance, is decorated with images of the Luna Mask.

Story Edit

In search of the Sol Mask needed to reactivate the Alchemy ForgeMatthew and his group are sent by Baghi to Ayuthay to seek advice as to how to retrieve it from the Ouroboros. Upon arrival, they learn from King Paithos of the Insight Glass with the temple and are tasked with reversing the Alchemy Well in order to retrieve it. Using the power of the Sand Prince Stone, the party of Adepts, joined by Amiti, succeed in reversing the flow and entering the until recently submerged temple. Curiously, they find a couple of already emptied chests, indicating they aren't the first ones to explore it. One of these chests has had its original content replaced with a note telling the Adepts that what they seek lies deeper within the temple. Upon reaching the innermost depths, Matthew and co. solve one final puzzle, creating a whirlpool that leads to the Insight Glass. It is here revealed that the Insight Glass chooses its wielder and Amiti ends up becoming the wielder of the Insight Psynergy. Having retrieved what they came for, the party proceeds to exit the temple.



  • Storm Brand Storm Brand: Found in a chest in B2 floor
  • Kimono Kimono: Found in a chest behind the most left waterfall in B2 floor


  • Mercury djinn Surge: Getting it by throwing a fireball to it and chase it to the lower level.

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