"Create a protective barrier against attacks."
GSDD Venus-Djinn-Bark

-Bark is a Venus Djinn and can be encountered on the Passaj mountain climb. A battle is required before this Djinn joins you.

How to find itEdit

  • Climb to the third floor.
  • It can be seen to the right blocked by wind.
  • Go around to the other side (just follow the story plot)
  • Avoid the wind.
  • Battle Bark.

Djinn Guide EntryEdit

"This tough spirit is first met on the Passaj Mountain Climb. Bark's rough hide can protect allies like a shield."

Set StatsEdit

(The Djinn's stats when Set)

HP PP Atk Def Agil Luck
+11 0 0 +2 +3


Battle EffectEdit

When used in battle any attack dealt to any unfallen party member will be halved. This will always come into effect at the beginning of the turn and is not stackable.

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