A Battle Rapier is a Light Blade-class weapon available in both Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age. In the first game it is bought in the towns Xian, Altin, and Kalay, and in the second game it is bought in the towns Naribwe, Kibombo, and Yallam. Being a Light Blade-class weapon, a Battle Rapier can be equipped on Isaac, Garet, and Ivan in the first game, together with Felix, Jenna, and Piers in the second. It increases the wielder's base Attack rating by 58 points. Its buy value is 2900 coins and its sell value is 2175 coins.

In Golden Sun when it can be first bought in Xian, it is a worthy purchase for an Adept holding a Broad Axe, and if Ivan is holding the Elven Rapier while Mia is still holding the Blessed Ankh, it would be feasible to buy a Battle Rapier for Ivan. Buying Battle Rapiers should not take priority over buying the new and stronger defensive equipment at Xian, though, and unless you have money to burn buying multiple Battle Rapiers might be overkill because in the next town of Altin is where you can buy Claymores and the Psynergy Rod artifact from the weapon vendor you can de-submerge as you progress through the Altin Peak dungeon.

In Golden Sun: The Lost Age, much of the game's focus is on completing puzzles in the dungeon-style locations that provide as rewards weapon artifacts far superior to commonly bought weapons and even weapon artifacts that can normally be bought in vendors, so you will most likely not want to buy and equip this weapon because you will have very easily found superior weapon artifacts such as Storm Brand, Hypnos' Sword, and Blow Mace before you even get to the towns that sell Battle Rapiers. The Battle Rapier may have a higher attack rating than the Hypnos' Sword in particular, but it doesn't have an Unleash effect, which makes it actually less useful.

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