The Beam Psynergy series is a series of Mars Psynergy available to the Flame User Class series and Pirate Class series; hence, only Jenna and Eoleo can use it. The series is among the Flame User and Pirate series' best group of techniques, as it has decent power at all three levels and its later stages have a very wide range of effect.


Psynergy SpellsEdit

Beam Beam is the first of the series. It appears as a ball of flame condensing in front of Jenna, then firing itself in the form of a laser-like beam. It is considered to be one of the early game's best techniques. It has a range of 3, a base power of 45, and costs 7 PP. It is learned at Level 7.

Cycle Beam Cycle Beam is the second of the series. It appears as a much larger ball of flame that condenses in front of Jenna, and upon firing its "laser", it releases a large shockwave. It is one of the better mid-game abilities, and is useful for much of the entire Great Eastern Sea portion of the game. It has a range of 5, a base power of 80, and costs 14 PP. It is learned at Level 21.

Searing Beam Searing Beam is the final technique in the series. The fireball generated in this particular variation of the move is tremendous in size, and in addition to creating the shockwave of the Cycle Beam, the "laser" is now surrounded by a corkscrew-like aura. It, alongside Dragon Fume, is considered to be one of Jenna's greatest abilities. It has a range of 7, a base power of 170, and costs 36 PP. It is learned at Level 41.


The Beam series, when acquired, is strictly better than the Flare Psynergy series, costing the same amount of PP as Flare wall for more base damage. Later on, this series becomes Jenna's only piece of Psynergy that targets more than three enemies, and is also her most powerful multi-target Psynergy. Thus, if the player uses Jenna in her default class, Beam is almost definitely going to see quite a bit of use throughout The Lost Age.

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