Belinsk on the overworld map.

Belinsk is a city situated in northeastern Angara. It is also the capital of the country of Morgal.

There are a few unique features of Belinsk other than the typical places you expect to find in town (e.g. Inns, shops, sanctuary, etc.). They are:

Belinsk Castle is where Volechek and Sveta live. Eoleo and Hou Ju also stayed here, but as prisoners. It is surrounded by a moat and is accessible through both Luna Tower and the portcullis that connects it to the main city.

The Port that was utilized by Briggs twice. Once during his failed head-on assault that was driven by his need to save Eoleo from being boiled to death, and again when he docked so as to assist Matthew and his group in escaping.

The Opera House, which is home to Crystallux, the dragon. During the Grave Eclipse, it is attacked by a Dark Devourer and two Dark Scuttlers, who manage to kill several people. Defeating them will result in Matthew and his group being able to summon the dragon.


A couple of Beastmen inside the city of Belinsk.

The Plaza which is home to Vande and his band. When the Arangoa prelude is played, the statue in the center will move and reveal the entrance to the ancient ruins that lead to the Luna Tower.

The StoryEdit

In the past, Morgal was ruled by Sana, and as a result, the Beastmen that form the majority of Belinsk's citizen were repressed.

Unhappy with the status quo, Volechek staged a revolution which was resolved with a battle where the Emperor of Sana at the time otherwise known as Lord Kuan was killed. After the battle, many Beastmen gathered in Belinsk and Volechek became their ruler.

However due to having Sana on one side of Belinsk and Bilibin an increasingly aggressive military country on the other Volechek felt threatened and began searching for a means to protect Morgal and invaders. The Tuaparang used this and promised Volechek the power he needed so that the could taking a step closer towards gaining access to the Luna Tower although this Volechek didn't know this at the time. With the Tuaparang influencing him Volechek proceeded to hold Eoleo the pirate and Hou Ju the daughter of Lord Kuan hostage this then prompted attempts at infiltration and attacks from Briggs, Ryou Kou and Hou Zan.

Briggs the was the most blatant as he attacked Belinsk in a head and almost suicidal assault from his Sailing ship, although this was dealt with swiftly by Belinsk's defenses and sent him sailing back to Port Rago for repairs. Acknowledging that he could not save Eoleo on his own, Briggs recruited Mathew and his group to help him.

Ryou Kuo however were far more subtle as they attempted to coverlty enter the castle via the ruins. Prior to attmepting the they had been traveling with Matthew and his group. After Matthews party defeated the Mountain Roc they proceeded to steal the Magma Orb and head off to the ruins with our protagonist hot on their heels.

After some time Matthew's group catches up to Ryou Kou and Hou Zan and the realize that they have all been lead to the control room of the Alchemy Dynamo which was created by the Exathi and the ancient Beastmen. Remembering Laurel's warning not to activate the dynamo Mathews group urge Ryou Kou to reconsider but nonetheless he activates the dynamo under the duress of Arcanus who reminds him to consider what will happen to Huo Ju if he does not.

The activation of the Alchemy Dynamo powers up the Luna Tower and thus begins the Grave Eclipse. At this point Volechek noticing the dark creatures that spawn in shadows realizes that he has been manipulated by the Tuaparang. Mathew, his group and Kraden then reunite and release both Eoleo and Hou Ju with Volechek's permission before fleeing to the port where Briggs is waiting on his Sailing Ship to take them away.

At this point a cutscene shows the Volechek and a few guards entering the Opera house only to be ambushed by monsters and it is possible to fight these monsters and obtain the summon Crystallux although this part may be skipped as it is not essential.

When the Protagonists finally arrive at the docks they find that Briggs has been mortally wounded and after saying their goodbyes they bury him at sea and depart.

After the Apollo lens is fired all of the human born Beastmen are transformed. Not only does there hair changes to a very light blond but they also gain the ability to use Light psynergy. Sveta, Volechek's sister, succeeds him after his death (which came about as a result of firing the Apollo lens after being transformed into a monster by Dark psynergy) and becomes queen of Belinsk.

Vendors Edit

The village's inn service is 70 coins per room.

Shops of Belinks
Item Class Cost Effect
Claymore Long Sword 4000 Attack +70, Unleashes Critical Strike and Spin Strike
Great Axe Axe 5200 Attack +80, Unleashes Critical Strike, Power Charge and Berserk Rush
Master Rapier Light Blade 6800 Attack +86, Unleashes Critical Strike, Spin Strike and Double Attack
War Mace Mace 6200 Attack +84, Unleashes Critical Strike, Rolling Attack and Berserk Rush
Composite Bow Bow 1600 Attack +65, Unleashes Double Shotand Arrow Shower
Item Class Cost Effect
Armored Shell Armor 3600 Defense +30
Jerkin Robe 2400 Defense +26
Knight's Shield Shield 3000 Defense +28
Heavy Armlet Bracelet 2000 Defense +25
Steel Helm Helm 3100 Defense +27
Platinum Circlet Circlet 4200 Defense +29
Safety Boots Boots 700 Boosts Defense, lowers Agility
Item Class Cost Effect
Antidote Consumable Item 20 Cures Poison and Venom for one Adept
Herb Consumable Item 10 Restores 50 HP to one Adept
Elixir Consumable Item 30 Cures Delusion, Stun and Sleep
Sacred Feather Consumable Item 70 Reduces Random monster encounters
Nut Consumable Item 200 Restores 200 HP to one Adept
Potion Consumable Item 1000 Restores all HP
Psy Crystal Consumable Item 1500 Restores all PP
Water of Life Consumable Item 3000 Revives a downed party member

Collectibles Edit

Items Edit

  • 11 Coins: Found in a jar in the basement of the inn
  • Assassin Blade: Found in the chest in the healing house downstairs
  • Sun Saga 4: Found in the first bookshelves in the healing house downstairs
  • Sacred Feather: Found in a bookshelves in the healing house downstairs
  • Herb: Found in a chest in the healing house upstairs
  • Muni Robe: Found in the drawer in the western house
  • Power Bread: Found in the box in the western house upstairs
  • Crystal Powder: In a barrel near the pier.
  • Khiren Water: In a barrel at the bottom of the pier.
  • Nut: In a crate at the end of the pier.
  • Storm Gear: In a chest to the left of Belinsk. Only after you gather all the band members.
  • Dried Lizard: In the middle tombstone behind the opera.
  • Power Bread: In a chest. Use the raft after exiting the Luna Tower.

Djinn Edit

Torrent: At the dock, move some boxes and use Cold Snap.

Spout: Move the bookshelves to go to the Belinsk Ruins.

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