Bind Bind is a Jupiter-based support Psynergy featured in both games. When used, it may cause the target's Psynergy to become sealed. During this time (which is usually not more than four or five turns at the most) the target is left unable to perform any Psynergy spells; if he/she tries, they will simply fail and waste their turn. It should be noted that the condition does not negate monster skills. This effect wears off after battle.

Bind's in-game description is "Block a foe's Psynergy." Bind is a Jupiter Class support Psynergy that costs 4 Psynergy Points and has a range of 1. If successful it causes the enemy's Psynergy to become sealed.

This Psynergy is available to the Wind Seer, Hermit, Pilgrim (Jupiter), Seer (Jupiter), and Ranger series. The Wind Seer learns it at level 17, while the others learn it at level 18.


Bind does not always hit, and indeed against bosses hits only very infrequently, if at all, thanks to their typically high luck. Even against common enemies, it's practicality is limited by the fact that most monsters have more monster skills than Psynergy in their command lists. Furthermore, Rime and Luff will always hit, rendering this potentially useless once those Djinni are acquired.

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