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Blados (スペード Spade) is an antagonist in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Together with Chalis, he is one of the commanders of a secretive military nation named Tuaparang. Blados, along with Chalis, is a Dark Adept from the Umbra clan. Elemental alignment is not specified but his weakness to the element of fire leads many to believe him to be tied to the water element, which is the opposite weakness of Chalis.

Blados is described as a warlike swordsman, known in his homeland as "The Blade," and stands before Matthew and company at various points in the game. For an unknown reason, he and his country contact Matthew's group and seem to make use of the protagonists.

Spade, his Japanese name, likely refers to the playing card suit of the same name. This is supported by the spade symbol that adorns his armor and greaves. His English name refers to the equivalent suit of swords or blades in the Minor Arcana of tarot. Since the suit of blades is associated with the element of air, it could also be said that Blados is aligned with the Jupiter element.

At the end of the events of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, it was never shown whether Blados was deceased or not. Along with Chalis, he was still able to converse with the party after being defeated.


Blados and Chalis are two of the more powerful members of a clan that no one on Weyard knew existed, the Umbra Clan. These people are similar to the other clans, but somehow managed to tap into Darkness, one of two previously unknown elements. Therefore, Blados and Chalis are de facto Dark Adepts.


Blados is a skilled swordsman, able to bring swift death to his enemies with his lightning fast sword technique named Punish that may instantly kill his target. He also uses fire crackers and spark shurikens to attack multiple targets as well as psy granades to slowly drain his enemies of their psynergy. He is also able to increase his and his partners defenses using Shadow Shield.


  • Despite no obvious relation, Blados bares an eerie resemblance to Saturos from the first Golden Sun. Both have blue skin, red eyes, a blue-green mohawk, and wield swords in battle.
  • Interestingly, an ōdachi (大太刀?), was a type of long Japanese sword that bears significant resemblance to the sword, Ōdachi, used by Blados in-game.
  • Blados, along with Chalis, are the first characters in the Golden Sun series to have audible voices. Blados grunts when he uses Punish, and Chalis giggles when she uses Scornful Caress.

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