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The Bloody Claw, a Claw/Gauntlet class artifact in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, it is exclusive to Sveta, and is her ultimate weapon. It raises her attack by 192 (the third highest attack boost in the game, third only to the Sol Blade and Darksword) and is of the Jupiter Element. It is found in Crossbone Isle (Treasure Isle in the Japanese version of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn) as Cursed Equipment, but a Cleric's Ring is found in the same room, so then Sveta can use it to maximum effect.

Adding on to Sveta's already impressive attack stat is the Bloody Claw, which has one of the highest attack increases in the game. This makes Sveta a total powerhouse: however, it is recommended to pair this with the Cleric's Ring to negate the Curse effect, giving Sveta near unrivaled power with no strings.

Iron ClawBerserker ClawMythril ClawBloody Claw

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