The Bone Armlet is a Bracelet-class hand armor found in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It is found in a treasure chest in the Gabomba Statue. As a Bracelet, it can be equipped by Jenna, Sheba, Ivan, and Mia. Its buy value is 3000 coins and its sell value is 2250, its sell value while broken is 1500, and its repair value is 750.

The Bone Armlet increases the wearer's base defense by 30. In addition, it can be Used as an item during battle by an Adept who is able to equip it (but it does not necessarily have to be actually equipped) to emulate the Haunt Psynergy to attempt to inflict the Haunt status condition to up to three enemies.

The Bone Armlet is guaranteed to be a large defensive upgrade to whichever caster Adept early in The Lost Age you give it to, since the strongest hand equipment either of them could be wearing at the time are Armlets. It will remain on the party for a long while, possibly up until Lemuria. And this is only considering it as a purely defensive item (where it is identical to a Silver Armlet were it not for its Use effect), though players rarely try to use Haunting effects in general like what the Bone Armlet offers as a bonus.

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