BrassKnucklesIconDD Brass Knuckles
Trade values
Item class Knuckles
Buy value 4200
Sell value 3150
Statistics boosts
Attack Boost 85
First unleash effect
Effect name Brutal Strike
Extra damage x1.4
Side effect May reduce target's attack by 25%
Second unleash effect
Effect name Steel Warm
Extra damage Star venus 1.8
Side effect May reduce target's defense by 25%

The Brass Knuckles are a Fist-class weapon introduced in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.

Basic DescriptionEdit

The Brass Knuckles increase the wielder's Attack by 85. They can be sold for 3150 coins and subsequently rebought for 4200 coins.

In Dark Dawn, there is one set of Brass Knuckles, which is obtained automatically when Sveta joins the party in the Teppe Ruins and later on in the Belinsk Ruins. Like all Fist-class weapons, the Brass Knuckles are unique to Sveta. The Brass Knuckles have two Unleashes, Brutal Strike and Steel Swarm. Brutal Strike is a non-elemental unleash that multiplies damage by 1.4 and may reduce the target's attack by 25%. Steel Swarm is a Venus-based Unleash that multiplies damage by 1.8 and may reduce the target's Defense by 25%.


The Brass Knuckles are Sveta's default weapon when she joins the party. The attack rating when she joins the party is comparable to the weapons of the other Adepts. While Brutal Strike is of fairly average power, Steel Swarm has an excellent multiplier for this point of the game. In addition, the effects of both essentially allow her access to both the Dull and the Impair Psynergies in one weapon, though the nature of Unleashes means that the effects are unpredictable. The Brass Knuckles will remain Sveta's weapon of choice until after the player completes the Belinsk Ruins. At that point, the player can enter the palace and gain the stronger Beast Knuckles.