BrassKnucklesIconDD Brass Knuckles
Trade values
Item class Knuckles
Buy value 4200
Sell value 3150
Statistics boosts
Attack Boost 85
First unleash effect
Effect name Brutal Strike
Extra damage x1.4
Side effect May reduce target's attack by 25%
Second unleash effect
Effect name Steel Warm
Extra damage Star venus 1.8
Side effect May reduce target's defense by 25%

Brass Knucles is a Knuckles-class artifact in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. It is Sveta's default weapon.

Basic DescriptionEdit

It increases attack by 85. It can unleash Brutal Strike and Steel Swarm. Brutal Strike is a non-elemental unleash that not only deals 40% extra damage, but may also reduce the target's attack power by 25%. Steel Warm is a Venus-based unleash that multiplies damage done by 1.8, and may reduce the target's defense rating by 25% as well.


Being Sveta's default weapon, the Brass Knuckles will be in good use, not to mention the fairly decent multipliers. While Sveta can get more power out of Steel Warm as a Scrapper, it is still a useful weapon, eventually replaced by the stronger Iron Claw.


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