Break Break (Splash in Japan), described as "eliminate an enemy's bonuses", is a Mercury Support Psynergy that removes the status boosts of the all enemy party members. Break costs 5 Psynergy Points and never fails (Sentinel is the sole exception). It is available to a wide variety of classes, making Break one of the few Psynergies available to all Adepts. It should be noted that Mia, Piers', Rief, and Amiti's default classes, the Water Seer, Mariner, and Aqua Squire Class Series learn this Psynergy. The other class series' that can learn Break are:


The Ranger and Pilgrim series' learn Break at level 34, while all the rest learn it at level 30.

Interestingly, Break is not only learned by many Adept classes but is also in the arsenal of many bosses, making it perhaps the most commonly learned Psynergy of all.


Break can be used against many bosses, such as Deadbeard, as it removes any status bonuses that they may have added to themselves. In a normal random battle against an enemy, however, its usefulness is limited as common enemies rarely augment their stats.

Phys. Attack

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