"Boost party Defense with a hard covering."
GSDD Venus-Djinn-Brick

- Brick is a Venus Djinn and can be encountered in Harapa. This Djinn is easily missable.

How to Find ItEdit

  • Cast Cold Snap on a puddle to the west end of Harapa.
  • Exit the southeast gate without entering the Overworld.
  • Cast Growth on a plant to the lower left of the gate.
  • Follow the path to access the west building where it is hidden.

Djinn Guide EntryEdit

"This spirit is found in Harapa. Brick's control over stones allows for the instant creation of defensive barriers".

Set StatsEdit

(The Djinn's stats when Set)

HP PP Atk Def Agil Luck

+10 0 0 +3 +3 0

Battle EffectEdit

The defense of all Battling and unfallen party members is increased by 25%

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