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Carver's Camp Map


This camp stands at one end of a valley that leads through the Goma Mountains to the continent beyond. But its bridge to Bilibin has been destroyed.


The village's inn service is provided in the village's lower center building for 6 coins per room.

Shops of Carver's Camp
Item Class Cost Effect
Long Sword Long Sword Long Sword 200 Attack +14, Unleashes Critical Strike and Spin Strike
Battle Axe Battle Axe Axe 280 Attack +24, Unleashes Critical Strike
Short Bow Short Bow Bow 300 Attack +11, Unleashes Double Shot
Magic Rod Magic Rod Staff 380 Attack +16, Unleashes Gale Force and Murk
Item Class Cost Effect
Travel Vest Travel Vest Clothing 50 N/A
Wooden Shield Wooden Shield Shield 40 N/A
Padded Gloves Padded Gloves Gloves 10 N/A
Circlet Circlet Circlet 120 N/A
Item Class Cost Effect
Antidote Antidote Consumable Item 20 Cures Poison and Venom for one Adept
Herb Herb Consumable Item 10 Restores 50 HP to one Adept



  • Coin 123 Coins: Found in a jar behind the very west house
  • Sleep Bomb Sleep Bomb: Found in a barrel downstairs the Item Shop
  • Lucky Pepper Lucky Pepper: Found in a jar inside the very west house. Go in by using the log at the left of item shops and enter through the chimney.
  • Herb Herb: Found in a right barrel by the entrance in the most north house


  • Mercury djinn Chill: Found in a small ledge southeast Carver's Camp
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