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Chalis (ハート Heart) is an antagonist in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Together with Blados, she is one of the commanders of a secretive military nation named Tuaparang. Chalis, along with Blados, is a Dark Adept from the Umbra clan. She fights using the razor sharp claws in her pair of gauntlets as her weapons. Elemental alignment is not specified but her weakness to the water element leads many to believe that she is tied to the fire element.

Chalis is described as an individual that uses her bewitching beauty as a weapon and gets close to the important persons of other countries. The way she acts as if she can see through everything is ominous. For a currently unknown reason, she and her country contact Matthew and his group and seem to be making use of the protagonists.

Heart, her Japanese name, likely refers to the playing card suit of the same name. This is supported by the heart symbol that adorns her gown. Her English name refers to the equivalent suit of cups or chalices in the Minor Arcana of tarot.


Chalis first appears when she aids a warlord in the kingdom of Kaocho. She desires to use the Apollos lens to conquer the world, and appears to be prepared to backstab her partner in crime Blados in order to obtain it for herself. Chalis usee the Lens to cause the Grave Eclipse, which floods an entire continent in darkness. Blados and Chalis are forcibly merged with Volechek, turning him into the Chaos Chimera, which reverts back to its three components after being defeated, however Chalis appears to survive, since She and Blados are still able to talk to the party even afterwards.


Chalis' fighting style is more of a support fighter, using Illusion Perfume to wrap her targets in delusion as well as healing herself and her partner with Vials. She can also use Psy grenades to drain her enemy's psynergy and Shadow Shield to raise hers and her partner's defense. When she is not bringing support to her partner she is slicing her enemies with her deadly claws using her powerful Scornful Caress technique.


  • Blados and Chalis are the first characters in the Golden Sun series to have audible voices. Blados grunts when he uses Punish, and Chalis giggles when she uses Scornful Caress.

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