The China Dress is an Robe-class piece of armor found in Golden Sun. It is bought as an artifact at the armor vendor in Xian. Its buy value is 1600 coins and its sell value is 1200, its sell value while broken is 800, and its repair value is 400. While it is a robe, only female Adepts can equip it, meaning Mia in the first game and Jenna and Sheba if transferred to the second.

The China Dress increases base Defense by 19. In addition, it can be Used as an item by an Adept that has it in her inventory and is able to equip it (but it does not actually have to be equipped) to emulate the Heartrender monster skill to attempt to lower the Attack rating of an enemy in battle by 25%.

In Golden Sun, depending on what Mia happens to be wearing, this may or may not be enough of a substantial defensive upgrade for her when it is first buyable (though it is definitely inferior to the Elven Shirt which may be found earlier). Its Use effect effectively means that while it is in Mia's inventory (where it would not have to be equipped), Mia has access to an equivalent to the Dull Psynergy, and this can be good to use against, as the most relevant example, the Hydros Statue boss coming up, rendering its physical strikes extremely weak. Naturally, it has no practical relevance to The Lost Age even if it is in the inventory of Isaac's team when they are transferred over.

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