The Cleric's Ring (Datenshi no Yubiwa/ Ring of the Fallen Angel in Japan) is a Ring available in Golden Sun. It can be found on floor 8 of Crossbone Isle. It must be transferred if the player wishes to use it in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It can be bought for 6400 coins and sold for 4800 coins.

Unlike many Rings, which are Used in battle to activate their effects, the Cleric's Ring has an equip effect like any other equippable item's effect such as weapons and armor. Normally, when an Adept equips a Cursed item, they occasionally are unable to move in a randomly given turn. Equipping the Cleric's Ring allows an Adept to use Cursed equipment without this effect. However, the Cursed items cannot be removed except at a Sanctum; not even the Cleric's Ring can change this.

When the Cleric's Ring is acquired by the endgame of Golden Sun, for the most part it is recommended to equip it on Garet, as he will be able to then profit from the cursed equipment Wicked Mace (or Muramasa) in the weapons department, and the Thunder Crown as well, without their associated negative side effects (He could also equip the Demon Mail as body armor, but as that piece of armor lowers Jupiter resistance instead of increasing anything other than Defense, there are other pieces of non-cursed armor that are technically better fits for Garet. And the Demon Axe is not listed because the Wicked Mace is about as powerful statistically and has a much better Unleash effect). Alternatively, Garet could stick with un-cursed equipment and wield a weapon such as an extra Kikuichimonji, and the Cleric's Ring could be equipped on Mia instead; she would benefit from the +4 PP of the Thunder Crown, and the Wicked Mace would technically be the strongest weapon she could have to attack enemies with (better than the Blessed Mace, and far better than the only other cursed weapon Mia can equip, the Demonic Staff).

The Cleric's Ring can be transferred to Golden Sun: The Lost Age through data transfer, and is the only way this item can be acquired in that game cart. It would seem to be a very valuable item to have because you may equip any of the new Cursed items in the game that can be forged from Dark Matter. And if you are not into acquiring all the best possible equipment for everyone, instead equipping whatever you find, the Cleric's Ring is good for allowing an Adept to equip the strong cursed equipment of the second game. However, none of cursed equipment in TLA are among the best equipment the game has to offer (items from treasure chests like the Sol Blade, items forged from Orihalcon, and items won as random drops from wild monsters comprise all of the game's best equipment), so "ideally" the Cleric's Ring would not even be necessary to an endgame party. The only exception is the Demon Circlet, if your goal is maximum unleash chance on all of your characters, it is better than a Berserker Band, as the Demon Circlet offers a +15% unleash chance, and the Berserker Band merely a bonus to attack. So the Cleric's Ring could then be used to replace a Berserker Band with the Demon Circlet on Ivan, Mia, Jenna or Sheba. Actually, with the Demon Circlet, Riot Gloves, Mythril Clothes, a weapon that has a 40% unleash chance by default (instead of the standard 35%) such as the Atropos' Rod and a pair of Hyper Boots, one can theoretically get a 102% unleash chance (15+20+15+40+12=102). However, it makes more sense to use a 35% weapon that multiplies the damage instead, most notably the Tisiphone Edge. And since neither Mia nor Sheba can use a weapon like that, the circlet and ring would be tragically wasted on their pitiful melee attacks.

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