Condemn Condemn is a Venus-based support Psynergy that may instantly down the target, regardless of how much HP the target has left. It can be learned on level 29 by any class in the Dark Mage class series, the Medium class series, and the Brute class series. It costs 8 PP and has a range of one target.


Condemn, like most tactical Psynergy, almost never works on bosses, greatly limiting its usefulness. Even against normal enemies, the success rate is so low that it is often more effective to just attack normaly. Basically, the only time this Psynergy has an impact on the battle is when it is used against the party by an enemy, but even then it is so often unsuccessful that players may actually prefer getting targeted by this move, as it is akin to the enemy wasting a turn.

Visually, Condemn resembles a traditional Grim Reaper figure that appears to slice at the chosen enemy with its scythe.

Phys. Attack
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