The Crafted Gloves are a Glove-class piece of equipment found in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It is one of the prizes that can be won in the Lucky Medal Fountain in Lemuria. Being Gloves, they can be equipped by all Adepts.

The Crafted Gloves increase the wearer's defense by 35 and attack by 5. They can be bought for 4600 coins and sold for 3450 coins.

The Crafted Gloves are best equipped to characters that either have low attack power, like Sheba, or those whose strategy focuses on physical attacks. If they are given to Adepts with low attack power, they may be replaced as soon as Shaman Village. The Riot Gloves are essentially a far stronger version of the Crafted Gloves, and so these Gloves will most likely be completely replaced by the later stages of the game.

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