Cure, Cure Well and Potent Cure are a series of Venus-based Support-class Psynergy featured in both games. This is the first healing Psynergy the player will get to use in both games and is available to the following classes: The Squire, Seer (Jupiter), Seer (Mercury), Miko, and Medium class series.


Psynergy SpellsEdit

Cure Cure: "Restore 70 HP.": This costs 3 Psynergy Points and has a range of one target. It is available at Level 1 for Squire, Seer (Jupiter) and Seer (Mercury), and for Medium at Level 3.

Cure Well Cure Well: "Restore 150 HP.": This costs 7 Psynergy Points and has a range of one target. It is available at Level 10 for Squire, Seer (Jupiter) and Seer (Mercury) and Medium.

Potent Cure Potent Cure: "Restore 300 HP.": This costs 10 Psynergy Points and has a range of one target. It is available at Level 26 for Squire, Seer (Jupiter), Seer (Mercury) and Medium.


In the early portion of the game, Cure is the party's only access to healing besides items, and is thus a valuable Psynergy for at least one Adept to possess until Mia joins the party. At this point it is replaced by the more efficient Psynergy, Ply (which heals 25HP per PP, as opposed to Cure's 23.3). Despite this, the player is still in the early stages of the game at this stage, and PP may be scarce, so using a combination of Cure and Ply will allow the party to recover PP faster than they would if they were using only one or the other. Thus Cure may remain useful for some time. Nonetheless, once the player gains access to Ply Well or the vastly superior Wish Psynergy series, Cure is rendered as an emergency-only curing psynergy in a close pitched battle..

In The Lost Age, the extremely early-game acquisition of the Mercury Djinni Fog means that Ply is accessible much more quickly. On the surface, one may think this would render Cure obsolete from an early point, but the lack of a Mercury Adept will mean that Cure is actually the more efficient of the two due to the inherently greater Elemental Power of Felix, especially when he has one Venus Djinn set (healing 25.43HP per PP, as opposed to Ply's 20.75), so Cure remains a potent early-game healing Psynergy. As with the first game, Cure will be obsoleted later on when more effective healing moves become available.

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