CurseCursed items are weapons and armor that carry an unremovable curse. Once such an item is equipped by anyone, it cannot be removed normally.

Cursed items have another side effect: they can prevent a character from moving during a battle. If this kicks in, the character will act as if he/she is paralyzed for that turn.

List of Cursed itemsEdit

Golden SunEdit

The Lost AgeEdit

Removing a curse or its effectsEdit

Once a cursed item is equipped, it cannot be removed normally. To unequip cursed items, the player has to visit a Sanctum and talk to the healer there, requesting to remove cursed items.

If the player wants to use the cursed items but does not wish the side effect, the Cleric's Ring is the answer. This item removes the effects of curses, but still does not allow you to remove the item.

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