Cyclone is used to clear away shrubs of grass on the ground which conceal things like Nuts, Mints, and hidden passageways.

Cyclone Cyclone is a Jupiter class Utility Psynergy introduced in Golden Sun: The Lost Age that costs 2 Psynergy Points. It is bestowed on an Adept equipped with the Cyclone Chip item found in Madra after completing the Gabomba Statue dungeon. Cyclone is used to "Conjure wind to scatter weeds." What it does is cause a circular gust of wind to twirl around Felix, blowing away any grassy shrubs on the ground; this is very useful in finding secret passageways and consumable items hidden in environments, such as Mints, Nuts, and Bramble Seeds. It can also reveal a Mad Plant that will attack, forcing you into a sometimes difficult battle. Its main purpose, however, is to transport your party from various ornate ditches to others, either one floor above or one floor below. Cyclone is necessary to complete the game and is instrumental in many dungeons such as Jupiter Lighthouse.

GBA Utility Psynergy
Golden Sun
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The Lost Age

Phys. Attack
CycloneGaleHaltHoverLashMind ReadRevealTeleportWhirlwind

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