Call Dullahan: Proof that, like in Irish lore, more than one dullahan exists.

The Dark Mage class series is a special class series that is only achievable when the Tomegathericon is equipped to any character. Consequently, this is one of only three class series that can be learned by any Adept. This class also features at least one Psynergy from each element, though the majority are Venus and Mars.

It is important to note that there is also a class in the Medium class series titled Dark Mage, but it is very different from this class series. More information about it will be written down below, under the name Dark Mage class series (2).

The class series, when at its highest stage of Necromage and compared to the other series at their highest respective stages, has excellent PP (tying with the Dark Mage of the Medium class series, the Wizard, and Pure Mage for the highest PP statistic) and very good Agility, but having below average HP (tying with the Angel and both variations on the Oracle and being higher only than the Sorcerer), low Attack (tying with the Angel and Wizard and being higher only than the Sorcerer), and tying with the Sorcerer for having the lowest Defense rating of all final-stage classes. The series has a Luck rating below the standard. Noteworthy Psynergy from an endgame perspective includes Revive and Call Dullahan, and its most useful area-of-effect Psynergies are Dire Inferno and Poison Flow. Average stats from an endgame perspective are 145% (156% if you don't factor in Luck).

Statistical InfluenceEdit

Dark Mage class series
Class Name Djinn HP PP ATK DEF AGI LCK
Venus Adepts Mars Adepts
Jupiter Adepts Mercury Adepts
Dark Mage none none 80% 140% 80% 90% 140% 90%
none none
Crypt Lord 1 Star mars, 1 Star jupiter, 1 Star mercury 1 Star venus, 1 Star jupiter, 1 Star mercury 100% 160% 100% 110% 150% 90%
1 Star venus, 1 Star mars, 1 Star mercury 1 Star venus, 1 Star mars, 1 Star jupiter
Necrolyte 2 Star mars, 2 Star jupiter, 2 Star mercury 2 Star venus, 2 Star jupiter, 2 Star mercury 130% 170% 120% 120% 160% 90%
2 Star venus, 2 Star mars, 2 Star mercury 2 Star venus, 2 Star mars, 2 Star jupiter
Necromage 3 Star mars, 3 Star jupiter, 3 Star mercury 3 Star venus, 3 Star jupiter, 3 Star mercury 160% 190% 130% 130% 170% 90%
3 Star venus, 3 Star mars, 3 Star mercury 3 Star venus, 3 Star mars, 3 Star jupiter

Psynergy SetupEdit

Lvl Psynergy PP Range Power
1 Star mercury Call Zombie 5 Range 1 ATK+40
9 Star mars Raging Heat 9 Range 5 45
17 Star venus Haunt 5 Range 3
19 Star venus Revive 15 Range 1
20 Star venus Fire Puppet 7 Range 3
22 Star mars Fiery Abyss 18 Range 5 90
24 Star venus Curse 6 Range 1
26 Star venus Call Demon 13 Range 1 ATK*1.9
Class must be Necrolyte or higher.
29 Star venus Condemn 8 Range 1
31 Star jupiter Drain 3 Range 1 50
33 Star jupiter Poison Flow 28 Range 5 125
39 Star jupiter Psy Drain 0 Range 1
47 Star jupiter Call Dullahan 21 Range 1 ATK*3
Class must be Necromage or higher.
53 Star mars Dire Inferno 32 Range 7 200

There are perennial rumors that Dullahan must first be defeated before the Necromage can use Call Dullahan. This rumor is proven false; Call Dullahan is a Psynergy that becomes available to Necromage Adepts at level 47 or above just like any other typical Psynergy spell. It is even possible to use Call Dullahan on the boss Dullahan in Anemos Sanctum.

Dark Mage class series (2)

The Dark Mage Class (2) can be attained by Mercury and Jupiter Adepts, having a set amount of djinni needed that is totally different from the Dark Mage class (1) series you are able to get with the Tomagetharicon.

The biggest difference with the former class is that the latter mostly has, for both elements ... Single-purposed healing psynergy series (cure) and low-powered attacking psynergy, like the froth series and 1 support that is haunt. In short: instead of the dire inferno series, froth is used an you have less variation in other support types of energy, like "call Dullahan", "fire puppet" and the revive series.

It's very specific-djinni dependent!


This class is only useful as a support for characters who already have overall low stats. While being very difficult to use, this is a perfect class to slow down character(s) you need on purpose.

By coupling that class with very powerful djinni like Lull, your other characters will be able to attack all your enemies +- 6 phases with very little effort, especially when that character (mostly the slowest) is JUST a little bit faster than the quickest opponent, with speed equipment.

Another positive thing is the class is quite stable. Even when you only have 1 djinni left, you mostly at least have access to 1 support psynergy, being impact or cure and the amount of HP and other stats lost will not be that much.

Analysis Edit

Dark Mage class series (1) - with Tomagetharicon:

A nice lineup of Psynergy and a good PP pool to run with (as opposed to the other Item Dependent classes which have PP pools that leave something to be desired) makes the Dark Mage a good (if somewhat frail) choice. Also, unlike the other Item Dependent classes, the Dark Mage has good multi and single target Psynergy (compare to the Pierrot which is mostly multi-target and the Tamer which is mostly single target).

Like all Item Dependent classes however, specializing an Adept into the Dark Mage Class will leave an awkward number of Djinn floating around.

Dark Mage class series (2)

Overall, a fairly weak class that can be put to good use with the right equipment and characters like Sheba, when needed. It's strength is totally dependent on what specific djinni you put to use on your adept and it's advisable to never use it on adepts with high attack ratings, making it more a "pivot" class = good use when used well (specific djinni-dependent).

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