Death Plunge and Death Leap are two single-target Psynergies of the Jupiter element, as well as being among the strongest single-target Psynergies in the game. They are usable by Venus Adepts Isaac and Felix, the Mars Adepts Garet and Jenna, and, to a lesser extent, the Jupiter Adepts Ivan and Sheba. Both Psynergies are available at level 12.

Death Plunge Edit


Death Plunge Death Plunge is described as "Plunge your weapon into a foe". The user leaps at the target plunging their weapon into the foe, then leaping high in the air with the target and then slamming the target hard on the ground. It can be used by the Ninja class series. It cost 14 PP to use and attacks with the attacker's own attack power plus an extra 40 attack points, making it potentially even more powerful than Planet Diver. In addition, it has a chance to stun the target.

Death Leap Edit


Death Leap In Golden Sun: The Lost Age, after reaching the Disciple class, Death Plunge is replaced by the more powerful (and expensive) Death Leap. Death Leap is described as "Beat a foe with a strange fan". Visually, it is almost identical to Death Plunge, only more dramatic. Like Planetary, despite being expensive, the power alone makes it worth using against many enemies. Unlike Planetary, the classes that can use Death Leap have relatively large PP reserves (the Master's PP multiplier is 1.6, whereas the Chaos Lord's is 1.2). Death Leap costs 22 PP to use and strikes the target with power equal to the user's own attack power plus an additional 110 attack points. Like Death Plunge, this makes it potentially even more powerful than Planetary, although a Master's base Jupiter power will not be as high as a Chaos Lord's base Mars power. It has the same ability to stun the target as Death Plunge.

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