When in the first Debug Room, you control a party consisting of Felix and Jenna, at their starting levels and with their starting equipment, though this will undoubtedly change. For the sake of simplicity, I will list these as seen from top to bottom, left to right. The CodeBreaker (Visual Boy Advance only) is:

82000420 0141
82000422 0001

Top StatueEdit

When you press the A button on the statue, a menu opens up, showing the picture of every single item in the game, including those no longer found in The Lost Age, and those not seen at all in either game.

Lower StatueEdit

When you press the A button on this statue, another menu opens, revealing the facial icon of everyone in the game who has one, as well as some Djinn facial icons. The pictures are accompanied with names, but they do not match, and some of the later icons just have lines from the Lucky Dice game.

Bottom StatueEdit

This is not really an icon test but more of an items test, as pressing A on this statue allows you to place any item you want from a list into the inventory of Felix and Jenna, in unlimited quantities.


The cat, when talking to it, allows you to either increase Felix's and Jenna's level by 1 by pressing A again, or pressing Start to increase their level by 5.

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