In this Debug Room, you control a full party of Adepts, with them all level 30, except for Isaac, who is level 50. The NPCs will be listed in left-to-right, top-to-bottom order, for simplicities sake. The GameSharks are:

[M] Must Be On 99A1BD8F862B



Enter Debug Room 2 [R+B+Up]





And the Exit:

Exit to Vale Sanctum [L+B+Down]








Brings up the message "You went up a level!" this does not however, as it actually raises it by 10 levels


Brings up the Adepts inventory in the style of the Sell menus in Shops, but doesn't let you sell anything.

Weapons ShopkeeperEdit

Starts a normal conversation with a Weapons Shopkeeper, who sells the weapons from Vale's Weapon shop, but has a Shamshir, Silver Blade, and a Masamune in the Artifacts menu. Strangely, talking to him will also change the player's coin amount to 20,000 regardless of what it was before, and will inflict Ivan with Haunt and Mia with Poison.

Felix 1Edit

Starts a conversation with a Healer, but doesn't show any of the options, so you can only press A to continue the conversation, or press B to end it it.


Brings up the message "You got sturdy equipment!" and gives you an assortment of top end weapons and armour. However, among the weapons is the Shaman's Rod, which the player cannot get rid of.

Dora 1Edit

Brings up the message "You got a Djinni!" and gives everyone seven Djinn, except for Ivan, who only gets six, leaving out Luff. Luff is instead given to Mia, but hidden because the game is not coded to show 8 Djinn on one character.

Dora 2Edit

Brings up a standard conversation with a Healer, with all the options.

Felix 2Edit

Brings up a conversation with the Armour Shopkeeper from Xian, but without any of the options.


Brings up the message "You got an item!" and gives each character an assortment of stackable, consumable items, such as Potions and Cookies.

Saturos 1Edit

Brings up the message "The body is being torn apart.", injuring the team of Adepts, and gives them an assortment of status ailments.

Saturos 2Edit

Brings up the message "Kyle... Will they be able to stop the Boulder?".


Allows the player to change the name of Isaac.


Brings up the message "You got treasure!" and gives the Adepts a whole host of random items, most of which are items that cannot be gotten rid of.

A BushEdit

Lets the player see the inventory Icon for every single item. This bush can also be blown away with Whirlwind or Gale.

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