In this Debug Room, the layout is exactly the same the first Psynergy Test Debug Room, but without any of the NPCs. There are no menus from pressing A on anything within the room. Objects that could not be walked through in the previous Debug Room are now passable.


The Codebreaker is:

82000420 0143
82000422 0001

There are some differences though. Next to the torch where you could partially incinerate Kraden, there is now a Lash-able style rope, which having cast Lash onto, stretches out downward two floor tiles, and right nine tiles; making it probably the longest lashable rope (and also the most pointless, as it doesn't lead to an elavated or sunken platform). This rope also reacts oddly to the hidden Magnet Psynergy, bristling up towards the circle which surrounds you when it is coiled around a singular post; a similar effect occurs when Ply and Frost are used nearby, regardless of whether it comes into contact with the rope or not (or any rope for that matter). When strung between the posts, no effect occurs when casting Magnet, nor when you walk into it. Next to the rope, there is a tiny flame which can be extinguished with Douse. There is also what looks like a Pound-able post, like the ones dotted around the Dehkan Plateau, which has already been pounded. When you press A on it, a large explosion occurs from the sunken post, consisting of what appear to be small pieces of rock. Casting Grind on it "un-pounds" it, but does not alter what it does when interacted with.


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