This article is about the Psynergy. For the status condition associated with this Psynergy, see Delusion

Delude Delude is a Jupiter-based support Psynergy found in both games. Delude is used to "Wrap multiple foes in Delusion," costs 4 Psynergy Points and hits 3 targets. It is nearly identical to the Mist and Baffle Card Psynergies. Delude appears as a cloud of smoke at the foot of the enemy and is learned by both the Apprentice class series and the Page class series at level 1, meaning it can be used from the very beginning of the game.


Delude can only really be used against common monsters as most bosses are immune to it. Using it against common monsters only prolongs the battle and no extra experience will be gained from a prolonged battle. Monsters also commonly use Monster Skills, something that Delusion doesn't affect, meaning that they can still attack you. Delusion should really only be used at the very beginning of the game, and even then, very rarely.

Phys. Attack
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