A Demon Circlet is a Circlet-class headwear found in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It can be obtained by giving a Dark Matter to Sunshine, which he will forge into one of 5 items determined at random. Being a Circlet, it can be equipped by Jenna, Ivan, Sheba, and Mia.

The Demon Circlet increases the wearer's defense by 50, which is the highest defensive rating for all Circlets. Also, it increases his/her Critical Hit and Unleash rate by 15%. It can be bought for 15800 coins and sold for 11850 coins. Like all equipment made from Dark Matter, the Demon Circlet is cursed.

The Demon Circlet is not likely to see much use, partly since it cannot be acquired until late in the game and partly due to the curse. If it is used, it should be given to an Adept who uses physical attacks often and has a weapon with a powerful Unleash (for example, Jenna with a Tisiphone Edge). Since it is cursed, the Demon Circlet must be equipped on an Adept wearing the Cleric's Ring to negate the effects of the curse in battle. Among the other cursed items, only the Demonic Staff and the Wicked Mace can be equipped by Adepts who can wear circlets, and neither of these weapons are particularly useful, so players are likely to choose not to use the Demon Circlet so they can use the Cleric's Ring on a warrior-type Adept who can equip a more useful combination of cursed items, such as the Darksword and the Fear Helm.

However, this item can be used to give a non warrior-type Adept a 102% chance to unleash with weapons that have a 40% unleash chance themselves. For example, give Ivan an Atropos' Rod (40%), then equip Riot Gloves (20%), then give him Mythril Clothes (15%), then the Demon Circlet (15%), and finally a pair of Hyper Boots (12%). 40+20+15+15+12=102. So Ivan will theoretically have a 102% unleash chance, which will of course result in always unleashing. This can only be done for either Jenna, Sheba, Ivan or Mia, as there is only one Cleric's Ring.

When you are trying to get as much chance to unleash on your characters, you will wind up using the Demon Circlet. The 4 warrior-type Adepts will have Riot Gloves (replaces possible Terra Shield), and Mythril Helms (who will replace possible Fear Helm). The Stealth Armor/Demon Mail will be replaced by either a Mythril Clothes or the Valkyrie Mail. The Darksword is a relatively weak weapon as its unleash is very weak compared to the unleash of Excalibur. Thus not a single warrior-type Adept will want to equip a cursed item because there are better items in stead. So the Cleric's Ring can be used on a non warrior-type Adept so it can use the Demon Circlet for increased unleash chances. So when you've just completed the game, you'll most likely find the Demon Circlet useless. But much later, when you try to give everyone perfect gear, you can actually wind up finding it quite useful.

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