The Demon Mace is a Mace-class weapon found in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It is found as a Rusty mace in the interior portion of Gaia Rock, and it must be reforged by Sunshine the blacksmith in Yallam and then bought from him to be properly obtained. Being a Mace, it can be equipped by Isaac, Felix, Garet, Sheba, Mia, and Piers. Its buy value is 9200 coins and its sell value is 6900. Despite its name, the Demon Mace is not a Cursed item.

The Demon Mace increases the wielder's attack by 115. The Demon Mace's Unleash effect is Evil Eye, which is effectively a standard physical attack that adds 38 damage points and then modifies the resulting damage based on the user's Venus power and the target's Venus resistance. The attack may also inflict Delusion on the target. Evil Eye visually resembles the user attacking the target and a bright orange cloud emitting on impact.

The Demon Mace has the unfortunate distinction of being easily outclassed by the time it is acquired, a trait shared with many of the rusted weapons found in the dungeons across the Great Eastern Sea. Being acquired at the same time as the Cloud Brand, a drastically stronger weapon in all regards, already relegates it to a secondary weapon at best, and the Lightning Sword found in Tundaria Tower also trumps it, making it a weapon only useful to Sheba. Even then, it can be immediately outdated by the Dracomace if the player completes the Eastern Sea trading quest, or the Thanatos Mace found in the Ankhol Ruins. Unless the player is forging every weapon artifact for the fun of doing so, therefore, it may not be worth the trip back to Yallam to forge the Demon Mace.

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