The Disk Axe (Wheel Axe in Japan) is an axe found in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It is found in a chest in the Kibombo Mountains.

Basic DescriptionEdit

Being an axe, it can be equipped by Isaac, Felix, Garet, and Piers.

The Disk Axe increases the wielder's attack by 76. Its Unleash is Power Drive, which adds another 24 attack points and converts all damage from physical to Mars. It has the standard base unleashing rate of 35%. The Disk Axe can be purchased for 4,700 coins and sold for 3,525.


The Disk Axe is like various other weapon artifacts in The Lost Age that are findable in chests and dungeons in that it is noticeably more powerful than any other weapon you could be holding by the point when you can first come across it. (Likely, it would replace the Storm Brand on Felix.) Its Mars-based Unleash can be most optimized if Felix is in the Brute class series, and the Unleash scores good extra damage against the Mars-weak Aqua Hydra boss coming up later. It will serve the party well up until when it would be out-powered by later weapons.

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