Douse, Drench, and Deluge are a series of Mercury attack Psynergies featured in all Golden Sun games. It is available to the water-based Pilgrim class series and the Ranger Class series. Hence, all Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter Adepts can use this series of Psynergy. Douse can also be learned by means of the Douse Drop and Piers knows it no matter the class, though in both cases the user won't acquire either of the other two Psynergy spells.

In Dark Dawn, both Amiti and Rief learn it. There is no need to exchange Djinn. You can learn all three levels by levelling up in their base class.


Psynergy spellsEdit

Douse Douse: "Attack with a surge of water.": This costs 5 Psynergy Points, has a base power of 25, and has a range of three targets. A small array of watery spheres rains down on the targets. This Psynergy can also be used in the field. It is available at level 1 for the Pilgrim class and level 2 for the Ranger class.

Drench Drench: "Attack with a torrent of water.": This costs 10 Psynergy Points, has a base power of 60, and has a range of three targets. A moderately long array of watery spheres rains down on the targets. It is available at level 12.

Deluge Deluge: "Attack with a deadly flood.": This costs 20 Psynergy Points, has a base power of 120, and has a range of five targets. A large array of watery spheres rains down on the targets. It is available at level 30.


In the early game, series is outperformed in both games by the Cool and Ice Psynergy series which come with the player's resident Mercury adept by default. As the game progresses, this may serve as a placeholder for the Prism Psynergy series if the player decides to use the Pilgrim class series. As for the Ranger class series, Deluge is the most powerful Mercury-based Psynergy the class holds, though the Jupiter-based Slash Psynergy series is generally equivalent. Thus this series may not see much use, except situationally, as other options are readily available.

In the original Golden Sun, when facing Saturos and Menardi at the Venus Lighthouse, Deluge will do pretty good damage to them, freeing up a Hermit or White Mage to heal or use Mercury Summons (if Ivan is set to a Ranger).

Douse as a utility PsynergyEdit


Douse can be used outside of battle to cause a little rainfall, which can fill up some puddles in certain areas and put out certain fires. It is also used in the Suhalla Desert to stop the whirlwinds caused by the Tornado Lizards. This Psynergy is integral to solving many puzzles in both games. In fact, you get a Utility Psynergy Item containing Douse (the Douse Drop) in response to defeating the Killer Ape Boss of Mogall Forest in Golden Sun, so you can always have access to this Psynergy regardless of your classes.

In a minor easter egg, in both Golden Sun games, Douse will generate a cloud that drops slowly falling snowflakes instead of large water drops when cast in a wintry exterior area: The town of Imil, the location in E Tundaria Islet, the front entrance and exterior peak of Tundaria Tower, the location in Kalt Island, and the town of Prox.

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