Dragon Cloud and Epicenter are a pair of single-target Mars Psynergies available to the Samurai Class series. Among the single target techniques, they are of a somewhat lesser popularity, but are considered among the Samurai series' best attacks.

Dragon CloudEdit


Dragon Fire Dragon Cloud is available to the Samurai class. It costs 6 PP to perform, and strikes with a Mars power of 80. It appears as a vaporous dragon, somewhat similar to the one conjured by Fume, that winds about itself as it heads towards its target. Ultimately, it pierces through its victim, creating a small explosion and throwing them back.



Epicenter "Strike an enemy with Dragon Cloud": Easily the one of the most expensive Psynergies in the game, Epicenter costs an alarming 33 PP to hit one target. It replaces Dragon Cloud when the character changes to the Ronin class. Unlike many other upgraded Psynergies like it, Epicenter is almost identical to its lesser form in visuals; the dragonic form of the Psynergy is larger, but all other details of the attack's appearance are unchanged. Epicenter hits the foe with a Mars power of 210.

Phys. Attack

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