A Dragon Robe is a Robe-class armor found in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It is obtained by giving a Dragon Skin forgeable item to Sunshine the blacksmith in Yallam, where he will randomly forge it into either that or several other items, and then buying it from him. Being a Robe, it can be equipped by Jenna, Ivan, Sheba, and Mia. Its buy value is 8900 coins and its sell value is 6675.

The Dragon Robe increases the wearer's base defense by 42, and it increases Mars resistance and Mercury resistance by 18 each.

While a moderately strong piece of mid-to-late-game gear for caster Adepts that could be valuable for a period of time, it is hardly a candidate for a robe that would be useful to equip on your party by the end of the game, when robes like Feathered Robe, Iris Robe, and Mysterious Robe are available.

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