Not to be confused with the Dragon Shield from Golden Sun: The Lost Age.

The Dragon Shield is a Shield-class piece of armor found in Golden Sun. It is acquired from a treasure chest located out of the way in Altin Peak, after solving a puzzle involving mine cart tracks. It features a defense rating of 26 and increases the wearer's Mars resistance by 30. As a shield-class item, it can be equipped by Isaac and Garet, and if transfered to The Lost Age it can also be equipped by Felix and Piers. It is bought for 2400 coins and sold for 1800. It visually resembles a scaly shield colored tan.

This Dragon Shield is most certainly an example of a piece of equipment that is a powerful asset to the party because it is more defensive than any other piece of equipment that goes on the hands that the party would have access to at that point in the game. It is sometimes missed by players because it is accessible only by solving an optional mine cart puzzle in Altin Peak, but when found it becomes a very practical item for an Adept to wear for quite a period of time.

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