"A dragon whose wings span the skies."

SummonIconEclipse Eclipse is a Summon sequence of the Jupiter element found only in Golden Sun: The Lost Age and Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. When three Jupiter Djinn and two Mercury Djinn are on standby, and Eclipse’s Summon Tablet has been collected, the Eclipse Summon sequence can be activated. It resembles a titanic orange dragon above the world’s atmosphere launching a beam attack from its mouth onto the landscape below, engulfing the enemy and the rest of the landscape in a giant explosion.

Eclipse has a base Jupiter power of 300 and also does additional damage equivalent to 15% of the enemy’s maximum HP. In addition, each enemy can have its attack cut by 25%, and therefore its attack rating can be cut down to a maximum of 50% with a second summoning of Eclipse. Eclipse, however, is not automatically summonable once one collects the required Djinn. Eclipse can only be summoned once the Summon Tablet containing the sequence has been won as a prize in Lemuria Spring (throw a lucky medal into the fountain and hope it lands on the center; it is quite easy to attain Eclipse).

Eclipse is considered a very useful Summon sequence; its damage done is 125% of what Thor does, and the number of Djinn used is not too high either. The chance to lower enemy attack, in fact, is considered merely a nice side effect to an already impressive attack. Boss fights where Eclipse can prove very useful to summon (multiple times if warranted) include the Moapa boss fight, the confrontation between Felix’s full party and Agatio and Karst atop Jupiter Lighthouse, and the various optional boss fights throughout The Lost Age.

Golden Sun: Dark DawnEdit

NTR GoldenSunDS 02ss03 E3

Eclipse in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

Eclipse Icon DDEclipse returns in Dark Dawn as a optional summon obtained at the top of the Luna Tower during the escape from within before it's activation. Unlike most other summons, it is not inside a tablet but rather, a large purple sphere of energy marked with a dragon's head. It says "I am Eclipse, when the world is at it's darkest I shall appear." before being obtained. If it is not obtained during this time, it cannot be gotten again for the duration of the game.


Origin: Worldwide

In several mythologies, eclipses were believed to be caused by dragons or other monsters devouring the sun and moon. One of these is the giant serpent named Apophis, from Egyptian mythology.

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