Ei-Jei is a term used when refering to Southern Angara. Towns within the Ei-Jei region are Ayuthay, Champa, Sana, Kaocho, and Passaj

The Encyclopedia describes it as:

"This is a general term for the region in the southeast part of Angara that includes Ayuthay, Kaocho, Sana and Champa. It is generally a sophisticated and prosperous area. This prosperity can be traced to several Alchemy Machines."


Whilst on their quest to Bilibin, Matthew and his group are force to travel through the Ei-Jei due to a Psynergy Vortex materializing within Carvers Camp making its crossing via the gondolas impossible.

The group decide to take a detour through the Konpa Ruins but unfortunatly they are ambushed by Blados, Chalis and a masked man who we later find out to be Arcanus. Then Blados and his group kidnap Rief and seperate Kraden and Nowell from Mathew and his party by saying that they may leave Rief at either the north or the south exit. Kraden decides to go with Nowell and check the north exit whilst Mathew's party decides to check the south exit.

Once Mathews group recover Rief from the south exit where he had been tied up and placed inside a box Blados' group trigger a landslide making it impossible to go back through the ruins from the south. This is what forces Mathew and his group to tinker with the Alchemy Well in Ayuthay and fix the Alchemy Forge in Passaj so that they may travel to Craggy Peak via the Clouds of Passaj.

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