Some characters are naturally higher in elemental power than others, and power levels are further raised by the amount and elements of set Djinn.

Elemental Power, often just called power, is a battle statistic that determines how much damage an Adept will do with element-based attacks such as Summon sequences and weapon unleashes. An Adept will have the most power with their innate(base) element, and lesser power with the other elements, especially with the polar opposite of their base. An Adept with no Djinn set and no power-increasing items equipped will have 104 power in their innate element, 78 power in their neutral element (Mercury-Venus and Jupiter-Mars), 77 power in their opposed element (Mercury-Mars and Jupiter-Venus), and 76 power in their symbiotic element (Mercury-Jupiter and Venus-Mars). It should also be noted that the maximum Power or Resistance of an element is 200. As with Resistance, Elemental Power works as a percentage multiplier on Element-based attacks (such as Psynergy), that is to say, that if the player casts Ply Well, which is stated to heal 200 HP, and has an Elemental Power of 77, then Ply Well will heal approximately (200 HP)(77/100) = 154 HP. The exact final amount is changed by a small, random amount. Thus an Elemental Power of 200 will cause the Adept to do double the prescribed damage.

Ways to increase Elemental PowerEdit

Temporary increasesEdit

  • Using a Summon will increase that character's Elemental Power.

Such increases are generally in the same element as the djinn required for the summon, with greater increases correlating to greater numbers of djinn.

Permanent increasesEdit

Ways to decrease Elemental PowerEdit

There are no known ways to decrease Elemental Power, however it should be noted that the Break Psynergy will eliminate all bonuses any affected Adepts have received from Summoning or any stat-boosting Psynergy/Djinn in battle.


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