The Elven Rapier is a Light Blade found in Golden Sun. It can be found in an early section of Bilibin Cave accessible by entering an alternative entrance using the Growth Psynergy. Being a light blade, it can be equipped by Isaac, Felix, Garet, Jenna, Ivan, and Piers. It can be bought for 2200 coins and sold for 1650 coins.

The Elven Rapier increases the wielder's attack by 44, and its normal attack always counts as an elemental physical attack, one where the damage from the attack is either increased or decreased based on how the user's Jupiter power compares to the target's Jupiter resistance (it is the only pure-element Jupiter-based weapon in the first game, incidentally, with the Sylph Rapier in The Lost Age being the other). Its Unleash effect is Vorpal Slash (Wind Weasel in Japan), which adds 16 damage points and then modifies the damage based on Jupiter power and resistance as before. It has the standard base unleashing rate of 35%. Vorpal Slash appears as the screen blacking out at the moment the strike connects to show a giant jagged horizontal burst of green energy (a red palette swap of this effect, sans the black screen, is used as the visual for the Blow Mace unleash).

The Elven Rapier being located where it is means it is possible to retrieve it right after the party of Isaac, Garet, and Ivan first travel through Goma Cave to reach Bilibin, which is very early in the main quest. At this point, the weapon practically comes across as abnormally powerful, for it is a light blade with more Atk and offensive prowess than the expensive Broad Swords sold at Bilibin. The portion of the game taking place at Kolima Forest and Tret Tree would be much easier and quicker if the player goes to Bilibin
Vorpal Slash

Vorpal Slash as it appears in Dark Dawn.

Cave, takes the Elven Rapier, and levels up with the stronger monsters at the cave before heading back down to Bilibin and continuing the quest's "normal" path.

As a weapon, the Elven Rapier is also noteworthy for being a pure Jupiter-element weapon whose normal attacks register as Jupiter-element attacks in addition to its Jupiter-based unleash, and this elemental affinity affects its damage based on the Jupiter Resistance that each enemy has. Meaning, it deals much enhanced damage against monsters with very little Jupiter resistance, namely all the monsters in the Bat, Amaze, Ghost, and Drone Bee monster lines. This strong weapon will likely be in the party's possession for quite a while, and is good to equip on Isaac who normally has the highest attack (at least as long as he's made an Illusionist, in which case he'll have more Jupiter power to empower the Rapier), and when he gets a stronger weapon (like the Arctic Blade) it's a great hand-me-down weapon to equip on Ivan.

In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, it reappears with the same amount of power, making it a useful weapon early on.


  • The name of the Unleash effect of this blade is a rather common RPG reference to the sword used by the protagonist of Lewis Carroll's poem, "Jabberwocky".
  • Aside from this weapon and the Elven Shirt, Elves do not appear in the Golden Sun series in any way.
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