The Elven Shirt is a Clothing-class item, found in Mogall Forest. In order to find it you must explore a bit by checking every stump in each screen, as some screens have two apes that reveal paths, one of which usually leads to an item.

The Elven Shirt increases base Defense by 22 and multiplies the Adept's current total Agility rating by 1.5. Its buy value is 1700 coins and its sell value is 1250 coins.

The Elven Shirt is unique because it is one of three artifacts that multiply the Adept's speed; however, unlike the Turtle Boots and the Safety Boots, the Elven Shirt increases the Adept's agility. Because of this, the artifact has the potential to have the highest increase of agility out of any artifact. In fact, since it multiplies agility, the item effectively increases in value as the game progresses.

Getting more defence from newer items in for example Kalay, or keeping more Agility at the cost of defense is just a matter of personal preference.


  • Aside from this shirt and the Elven Rapier, Elves do not appear in the Golden Sun series in any way.
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