Eoleo (レオレオ Leoleo), introduced in Golden Sun: The Lost Age as a minor NPC, is a playable character in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. He is the son of Briggs and Chaucha, and is from Champa. Unlike his parents, he is an Adept, and joins Matthew's party later on after the events of the Eclipse Tower in Belinsk at Level 32.

In Golden Sun: The Lost AgeEdit

When the eruption of Mt. Aleph showered Psynergy Stones all across the world, Eoleo, as a toddler living in Champa, was one of the individuals that a falling Psynergy Stone hit and granted the powers of an Adept, similar to Tret and Feizhi. Eoleo was quickly overcome with a terrible fever, but when he recovered, he began to demonstrate adeptness to Psynergy, using basic telekinesis to move objects.

The showering of the Psynergy stones also heralded a new age of crisis for Champa, however, for the oceans of the Great Eastern Sea soon began to get gradually warmer. The thinning of the fish population had a serious negative impact on Champa's way of life, being a seafaring town that sustains both its people and its economy on its fish trade. By the start of The Lost Age, Champa's children cannot eat, and the village is dying, so it falls to Eoleo's father Briggs to set out into the sea to find some form of food. Briggs brings his wife Chaucha and his son with him on this expedition, along with a devoted crew of Sea Fighters. Briggs quickly resorts to piracy, stealing food from towns across the Great Eastern Sea.

Eoleo and Briggs's group is put in danger by the Tidal Wave that originates from the center of the Sea of Time and washes over much of the Great Eastern Sea, driving their boat straight into the newly-formed Osenia Cliffs between western Osenia and southeastern Indra and smashing it against the rocky beach. Several Champa die, but Eoleo and his parents survive along with a small remaining group of Sea Fighters. Shortly afterward, Briggs is found out and captured by the nearby Indran town of Madra, and is put in their prison because Briggs has by now acquired a reputation as a dread pirate across the sea. Chaucha and Eoleo remain out of Madra's reach, and through a daring operation assisted by coincidental circumstances, Briggs is busted out of his jail by the Sea Fighters, and he and his crew pillage Madra's coffers and flee east to Osenia with Eoleo.


Promotional artwork from The Lost Age depicting Eoleo as a toddler.

Having acquired both food and riches, Briggs and Eoleo arrive at the port town of Alhafra on northwestern Osenia, and Briggs uses his stolen Madran gold to purchase the town's lone massive sailing ship to transport both themselves and their ill-gotten goods back to Champa. Unfortunately, the ship was damaged by the tidal wave, and its mast is pinned down in a way that it cannot be freed by normal human hands, so for the moment they are stuck.

All of a sudden, a small group of Adepts led by Felix arrive in Alhafra and enter the damaged ship, working with Madra and intending to confront Briggs over his piracy. Briggs and his crew engage them in combat, but even hardened criminal types such as they are no match for Felix, and Briggs recognizes that Felix is in possession of strange powers similar to Eoleo. Briggs and his men are apprehended by Alhafra and put in its jail, but not before Briggs declares that since it was Madran gold that purchased the ship, it is now Madran property, and uses this to help make a deal with the Madran and Alhafran mayors that Eoleo and Chaucha get to stay on the ship while it is repaired.

With Briggs and his men now in jail, Chaucha and Eoleo are allowed to make visits to them. By this point, Briggs and Chaucha both understand that Eoleo, with his strange powers, affords them a chance to bust Briggs out of his newest prison in the near future. When Felix walks in on one of Chaucha's visits to Briggs in the jail, he is shocked to see Eoleo using Psynergy to telekinetically move the jail key around on the table behind the jail guard; Briggs, perceiving his future escape plan to be shot if Felix understands what Eoleo can do, scolds Eoleo, making him cry. Felix, in the meantime, departs Alhafra to pursue his own quest.

Much later in The Lost Age, Felix's group returns to Alhafra because they now have the stronger Psynergy needed to free the ship's mast from what was keeping it pinned down. Chaucha and Eoleo immediately visit Briggs again to "tell him the good news," and while Felix is in meeting with the mayor of Alhafra, Eoleo makes his move as he was instructed: he uses his Psynergy to retrieve the cell key and put it in Chaucha and Briggs' possession in a way that the guard standing in front of the table is taken completely off guard. They escape the prison and take the newly repaired sailing ship for themselves, and sail back to Champa.

After Briggs arrives at Champa and distributes the stolen food to the starving populace, Felix's group arrives in pursuit and chases him into his family's mountain home. In front of the ancient forge of Ankohl, Felix faces Briggs and his grandmother Obaba, who dotes on Eoleo as her great-grandson; Briggs exploits this to convince her to strike down Felix's group with her pet monster, the Avimander, but Felix's group successfully destroy it. Obaba is astounded at the inhuman power of Felix's group and tells Briggs he is on his own, but Briggs tries to use Eoleo again to win Obaba over. Just then is when Felix's group clarifies the reasons they are truly here and engage in a lengthy discussion, where all misunderstandings are eventually resolved and the conflict is settled. Eoleo remains at Champa for the rest of The Lost Age.

In Golden Sun: Dark DawnEdit

Thirty years later, Champa is now a pirate kingdom, and Eoleo is now an adult in his thirties. He is identified as the prince and leader of Champa and the pirates that rampage the Eastern Sea. Resembling his father greatly, Eoleo is described as free-spirited and wild, but filled with a sense of justice, and is deeply trusted by his crew-mates. He joins Matthew's party as a playable character after being rescued from execution in Belinsk. Having presumably developed his psynergy power, he is a Mars Adept who is capable of using Thermal psynergy.

However, Eoleo is taken prisoner in Belinsk, and was about to be executed before his father went out and asked Matthew and the gang for help (since they were adepts, and could potentially sneak into the well-guarded castle). The adepts would succeed in freeing Eoleo, but activated Luna Tower during the process. However, they forgot that Briggs also said that he was to the rescue after his ship was repaired. Despite this, Briggs was severely wounded by the swarm of monsters that appear, and died because of such. His ship (the same one that Briggs tried to steal in The Lost Age is given to Eoleo, who lends it to Matthew upon joining. However, before leaving Belinsk, Eoleo vowed to avenge his father no matter what, and gave him a proper burial at sea.

As a playable characterEdit

Eoleo is a strange character in that he is Warrior-based, yet unable to equip Long Swords. He is, however, capable of equipping Axes. His Psynergy pool in his base class is extremely similar to Jenna's, though with several extra Psynergies which include an elemental physical attack, Keelhaul, which upgrades to Vicious Chop. His defensive equipment choices consist of Warrior-style equipment. Like all Fire Adept Warriors, he has low agility. When he is recruited, his equipment is low-grade (Broad Axe, Cotton Shirt, and Leather Gloves), so some more powerful and defensive equipment will be needed in order to boost his capabilities.


  • In The Lost Age, Eoleo, like Ahri, uses a form of "baby speak" when spoken to, producing nonsense sounds such as "Babu ba bubabu." However, when Mind Read, his thoughts are relatively coherent English sentences.
  • It seems Eoleo had some kind of language difficulty in his early years. Toddlers use to learn how to walk and speak around the same age (first year of life). He was able to steadily walk by himself, but not talk. Eventually, he overcame it and talks normally in Dark Dawn.


  • Eoleo may be named after Aeolus, son of Poseidon in Greek Mythology.

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