"Focus will to restore PP."

Ether when used in battle.

Jupiter djinn Ether is a Jupiter Djinni found in Golden Sun: The Lost Age and Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, and is numerically the tenth Jupiter Djinni in the games' official Djinni ordering and thus the third numbered Jupiter Djinni of The Lost Age.



Ether is given to you "for free" after two cutscenes transpire in Garoh.

Ether is available in the town of Garoh, automatically handed to you after two lengthy cutscenes. First, you will have to have completed the Air's Rock dugneon. Then, at Garoh, use the Reveal Psynergy you acquired there to enter the entrance you see the werewolf that says "What!? Outsiders, here?" exit and reenter. Follow your way and eventually trigger a cutscene with the werewolf, Maha. You automatically return to the town's inn, and the town is now under daylight. Enter the hidden entrance again and return to where you spoke with Maha to trigger another, lengthier cutscene with him. Maha will eventually produce the Jupiter Djinni for Felix's party to take on their travels (learning from the party in the process that the name "Djinni" is what you call creatures like this), and you automatically acquire it. In a sense, this is another eventual reward you get for completing Air's Rock.

In Dark Dawn, Ether is wandering wild in the forest between Passaj and Kaocho. Naturally, it will need to be battled.


When Set, it increases base HP by 8, base PP by 4, base Agility by 3, and base Luck by 2.

When Ether's battle effect is used, a targeted Adept's PP meter is restored by an amount equal to 30% of his or her maximum PP meter.

Ability analysisEdit

Ether is the one Djinni in the series that functions as a straight-up PP-restoring effect as it would apply only to one Adept at a time. Because of the rarity of Psy Crystals, Ether can be a very valuable effect, giving a necessary PP-recovery effect to any Adept that really needs their PP meter refilled somewhat. Being a Djinni means it stays with the party forever once acquired, though it also means it can only be used during battle. Ether has the potential to be useful like this throughout the entire game, getting competition perhaps only from the much later Jupiter Djinni Aroma, which restores all Adepts' PP meters by 10% of their respective maximum PP meters.

Name OrginEdit

There may be two sources for Ether's name:

  • In mythology, ether (also spelled aether) is an invisible substance that fills the region above the atmosphere.
  • In science, ether is a class of organic compounds which contain oxygen atoms. Oxygen is one of the primary gases in Earth's atmosphere and is needed to support animal life.

Many fantasy RPGs typically have a magic point-recovering item named "Ether", which matches this Djinni's effect in concept exactly.

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