The Feathered Robe is a Robe class item that is a rare drop from Wild Gryphon enemies found in both Golden Sun, in Venus Lighthouse, and in Golden Sun: The Lost Age, in Shaman Village Cave. Being a robe it can be worn by Ivan, Mia, Sheba, and Jenna. Felling a Wild Gryphon with a Jupiter Djinn increases the chances of it dropping a Feathered Robe by 4.

The Feathered Robe increases base Defense by 45, base Agility by 30, Jupiter power by 20, and Jupiter resistance by 30. Its buy value is 14000 coins and its sell value is 10500 coins.

Feathered Robes are such powerful artifacts for any caster Adept to wear that it is not only hands down the best thing Ivan and Mia can wear in Golden Sun, but is one of the best items in The Lost Age as well. The strong boost to Jupiter Resistance is a detail compared to a useful boost to the power of all of the equipped Adept's Jupiter-aligned attacks and abilities, not to mention a very large boost to Agility. It would be a better fit on Mia than the other robe that seems to have been designed specifically for her, the Oracle's Robe. The wind power and endgame-level defense rating makes the Feathered Robe a perfect fit on both Ivan and Sheba in The Lost Age, and fortunately the monster that drops this robe, the Wild Gryphon, is present in both games, making it entirely possible to amass Feathered Robes for multiple Adepts. The Wild Gryphon is one of the most popular targets of Random Number Generator abuse because of this.

Incidentally, the only other piece of equipment in the original Golden Sun that raises Jupiter power by a remotely noteworthy amount is the Virtuous Armlet. In The Lost Age, other pieces of equipment that increase Jupiter Power come in the form of the Clarity Circlet and Aerial Gloves, the latter of which, incidentally, provides the exact same Jupiter Power and Agility boosts (being a Glove-class item available about 3/5ths of the game through, of course, makes it not have as much defense or any of the Jupiter Resistance of the Feathered Robe). Having a Jupiter Adept wear both a Feathered Robe and Aerial Gloves can provide a potent effect. Also worthy of note is that, in the original game, it has the second highest Defense rating of all gear, behind only the Demon Mail.

RNG MethodsEdit

Main article: Random Number Generator

This is a method for obtaining the Feathered Robe. Go to the room in Venus Lighthouse which is right before the final room (the room before the room with the Psynergy Stone where you drop to go to the aerie). Save and turn off the system completely. Turn it on again and engage in a battle. It should be against two wild Gryphons. On the first turn, have Isaac use Mother Gaia, Garet use Eruption, Ivan use Shine Plasma, all the big arrows pointing to one of the Gryphons, and have Mia use Wish. One of the Gryphons should die. On the next turn, have everyone defend and Ivan use Smog. This should drop the Feathered Robe.

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