Fire Puppet Fire Puppet is a support Psynergy found in Golden Sun: The Lost Age, as well as in Dark Dawn. In The Lost Age, it can be learned by an Adept who has equipped the Tomegathericon, thus becoming a member of the Dark Mage class series. In Dark Dawn, it can be learned by Himi, if she is a Curse Mage. Contrary to its name it is not a Mars Psynergy but rather a Venus one; its name is in fact a result of awkward translation, where it was intended to be "Fear Puppet" originally. Indeed, in Dark Dawn, the Psynergy was renamed "Fear Puppet". Fire Puppet is learned at level 20, costs 7 PP and has a range of three. When used it has a chance of stunning a foe. Visually, it resembles the character taking a downed pose while a ghostly skull moves forward to terrorize the opponents.


The main advantage of this spell is that it is one of only two abilities, the other being Azul, capable of stunning multiple targets. The main drawback is the fact the attack causes no damage while there are many damaging attacks that can stun a single target. Thus Fire Puppet may prove useful on occasion but it is otherwise preferable to use damaging attacks instead.

Phys. Attack
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